• “Aimer lire”Jean-Philippe Toussaint
    Apr.17 - May.3, 2015


    Born in Brussels in 1957, the author, film director and photographer Jean-Philippe Toussaint studied political science and history in Paris. In 1989 he made a film version of his novel Monsieur and in 1992 he made a film version of his novel Camera entitled La Sévillane. In 1997 he wrote the screnplay and directed the film The Ice Rink (with Bruce Campbell, Tom Novembre, Dolorès Chaplin). Toussaint won the Prix Médicis in 2005 for his novel Fuir. In 2012 he presents at the Louvre Museum in Paris an exhibition which combines the artist’s photographs, videos, installation art, and performance pieces to « convey books without using writing. »

    Jean-Philippe Toussaint’s books are translated in twenty languages (by Shueisha and Kodansha in Japan), his films have played in numerous countries.

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