Toshio Matsui

Dosenbo, 2018, Ceramic, H3.5 × W6 × D5.9 in.
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Kinugasa, 2018, Ceramic, H4.9 × W9.2 × D4.3 in.
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Sinking Fish, 2019, Ceramic Painted with Lacquer, H7.1 × W18.8 × D18.8 in.
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non title, 2017, Wood fired Ceramic Painted with Lacquer, H3.1 × W5.1 × D4.8 in.
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Kumihama, 2019, Teracotta Painted with Lacquer, H4.8 × W5.1 × D5.1 in.
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  • Toshio Matsui 
  • 1955  Born in Osaka
    1980  Kyoto City University of Arts, Ceramics

    Celected Exhibition
    2018  "Cerámica japonesa", Galería Álvaro Alcázar, Spain
    2017  "Tea for Two", Sokyo Gallery, Kyoto
    2016  "EXHIBITION Art and Archaeology", The Museum of Kyoto

    2019  The 37th Kyoto Prefectural Culture Achievement Award
    1986  Kazuo Yagi Award, Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition
    1982  Grand prix, 40th The International Competition of
         Contemporary Ceramic Art, Italy
    Musee national de Ceramique, France
    The International Museum of Ceramics, Italy