Sara Flynn

Camber Vessel, 2019, Porcelain, H30.5 × W19 × D17 cm/ H12 × W7.4 × D6.6 inches
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Low Flection Bowl, 2019, 磁器, H12 × W12.5 × D20 cm/ H4.7 × W4.9 × D7.8 inches
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Hipped Vessel, 2019, Porcelain, H29 × W20.5 × D19.5 cm/ H11.4 × W8 × D7.6 inches
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Flection Vessel, 2019, Porcelain, H31 × W14.5 × D11.5 cm/ H12.2 × W5.7 × D4.5 inches
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Spine Camber Vessel, 2019, 磁器, H15.5 × W13.5 × D11 cm/ H6.1 × W5.3 × D4.3 inches
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  • Sara Flynn 
  • Born in Scotland 1971
    Currently lives and works in Belfast, Northern Ireland

    1998  BA -Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork, Ireland ,
         Ceramic Design
    1992  Diploma - Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork, Ireland ,
         Ceramic Design

    Selected Exhibitions
    2021  White, Sokyo Gallery, Kyoto, Japan
         Galerie De L’ancienne Poste, Toucy, France
    2020  Erskine Hall & Coe, London, U.K.
    2019  Sokyo Gallery, Kyoto, Japan
    2016  VASE, Function Reviewed, Curated by Brian Kennedy,
         National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland
    2015  Ontogeny, Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown,
         Northern Ireland

    The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, U.K.
    The Gardiner Museum, Toronto, Canada
    The Hunt Museum, Limerick, Ireland
    The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, U.K.
    Shanghai Municipal People's Government, Shanghai, China
    The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, U.S.A.
    National Museum of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
    Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork, Ireland
    Ulster Museum, Belfast, U.K.

    2019  Golden Fleece Award, Shortlist
    2017  Loewe Craft Prize, Finalist
    2016  Golden Fleece Award, Merit Award
    2014  European Ceramic Context 2014, Bornholm, Denmark
    2010  Ceramics Ireland, Peter Brennan Pioneering Potter Award